Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled, or unhappy?   Is your life not going the way you want it to?
Do you want to find your purpose and path in life?
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Our Services

At LifeLine Life & Recovery Coaching we know, in order for you to give to others you must first give to yourself.   And in order to give to yourself you sometimes you need a new perspective, a little nudge, or someone to hold you accountable for making the necessary changes to living a more fulfilled life.

All of us want to feel fulfilled and happy.   We are not meant to simply settle; we are meant to thrive and truly enjoy life.   Finding your true path and authentic self comes through a process of self-discovery and learning.   Most people do not get to this point alone, but with guidance and mentoring.   Working with a life coach can help facilitate the process of learning and personal growth.   A life coach can help you achieve a fulfilled and happy life through coaching sessions uniquely tailored to your personal goals for growth, setting you on a path to self- fulfillment.

As your life coach I will help you define your authentic self, find your purpose, and help you set realistic and attainable goals to find balance and personal happiness.   I will also be your accountability partner to help you stay on track, and work through your fears, challenges, and obstacles with you.

Together we will fulfill the commitment to reach your goal to become your authentic self, your best self, and the best version of YOU!

About Us

The focus of LifeLine’s Life Coaching services is in the release of deep blocks associated with fear and self-doubt, which work to impede life goals and hinder the recognition of our own passion and purpose.

Our coaching is intuitive and skilled, bridging the ignored or hidden aspects of self back into communication with our everyday consciousness, where change can take place.   We work to help reunite your foundations for authenticity and creative freedom so progress can be built and new behaviors can be integrated.   We believe that we are all intuitive and creative, and each of us carries our own unique gifts.

Do you want to find the courage to change careers, become more effective in your work, find a soul-partner, or welcome financial abundance into your life?   Do you have a big dream inside of you that you’re desperate to bring to life?   Maybe you want to improve your communication or find a new way of being which brings you peace, connection, and purpose?   Whatever your dream, we partner with you to assist you in bringing it to life.

At LifeLine we consider helping addicts navigate their addictions a calling.   Very few addicts are able to stop, or stay stopped, without help.   Most of our coaches are recovering addicts who have been through the process of detox, rehabilitation, and recovery.   They’ve faced the challenges involved in rebuilding their lives and relationships.   Our coaches had someone reach out to help them, and now they want to reach out to help another addict.   Collectively we have over 50 years of sobriety on our staff, so there isn’t a situation or issue we haven’t encountered either as recovering addicts, or involving a client.